Yield App: The team behind Haven1

Haven1 is built by the team behind Yield App – a comprehensive, trusted digital wealth management platform where both retail and institutional investors can access market-leading yields on the top crypto assets, direct fiat rails and crypto structured products that rival those found in traditional financial markets.
Yield App is Haven1's network operator, and provides a secure bridge to the blockchain.
Its goal is to drive ecosystem growth, which includes:
  • Secure asset custody
  • Spearheading partnerships to encourage adoption
  • Reliable and efficient identity verification solutions
  • Establishing trusted validator sets
Yield App’s core values are:
  • Security
  • Due diligence
  • Capital preservation
The Yield App team comprises 70+ professionals with decades of expertise spanning traditional finance, technology, marketing, and business development. It serves 90,000+ customers, including 1,000+ high-net-worth clients.
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