๐Ÿ’ฑBest in class liquidity

Haven1 is working to ensure users can transact on the network with best in class efficiency

  1. Onboarding institutional liquidity providers

    Our institutional custody partner supporting Haven1 network gives instant access to asset managers

    Leverage our validator network's clients - all 7 validators are well established as enterprise-grade solutions and work with the largest asset managers/liquidity providers in the space today.

  2. Tapping into off-chain liquidity

    hSwap will have an RFQ (request-for-quote) product that partners with multiple liquidity providers to source and provide access to deeper liquidity, providing better prices.

  3. Leveraging other communities (both holders as well as cross-chain liquidity providers).

    Cross-chain Liquidity Aggregators: Working with cross-chain aggregation to bring liquidity from Ethereum Mainnet and the other major L2s to fulfil best in class trade execution on Haven1 Network

    Ethereum Staking on Haven1: Liquid ETH staking product with boosted H1 rewards - in partnership with Stader Labs, we are providing a boosted APY for ETH holders to natively stake their ETH. In addition, they are given a derivative token (hsETH) on Haven1 that can be used in our lending markets to compound their rewards.

  4. Provide products that incentivise people to store assets

    Users continue to show demand for simple earn products, weโ€™re working to build a RWA-backed earn vaults, where users can deposit their assets to earn dependable and transparent yield.

  5. Dynamically incentivising existing liquidity to move to where the demand is

    Haven1 has significant portion of the token supply dedicated to community and network growth, which can be used to dynamically incentivise liquidity to move to where demand is by boosting (or lowering) liquidity provisioning rewards with H1 incentives

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