Sample Application - Composable verification level

The Verification Level App demonstrates how you can personalise the user experience on your application based on level of ID verification

This guide will help you understand how to use the app, enabling you to engage with different functionalities based on your verification level, thereby enhancing security and trust within the digital environment.

Interested in exploring how this works in practice? Discover more in the Composable Verification Level App.

Step 1: Mint your silver tokens

  1. Understanding mint Info: Navigate to the right-hand section of the app to view your Silver balance and daily allowance of Silver tokens. The allowance amount varies based on your verification level.

  2. Minting process: Select the desired amount of Silver tokens you want to mint and click the 'Mint' button.

Step 2: Check your updated balance

  1. Balance update: After minting, your updated Silver token balance will be displayed in the Mint Info section.

  2. Daily allowance limits: Note that your ability to mint Silver tokens is limited by a daily allowance, which resets 24 hours after your last minting action.

Significance of the verification level app

Layered security protocols

Different verification levels allow for a secure digital environment, restricting access to sensitive features or data based on user verification status.

Personalized user experiences

Developers can offer unique experiences and functionalities at different verification levels, enhancing user engagement.

Targeted marketing and enhanced services

This stratification allows for tailored marketing strategies and services, improving effectiveness and user satisfaction.

Improved data quality and insights

Higher verification levels incentivize users to provide accurate information, improving data quality and offering valuable analytics for developers.

Community trust and app reputation

A robust verification system enhances the app’s reputation for security and reliability, fostering a sense of trust and community among users

The Composable Verification Level App is a transformative tool in Haven1’s ecosystem, enabling developers to customize user experiences based on verification levels. By following this guide, users can effectively mint Silver tokens and understand their verification level, which plays a crucial role in accessing various functionalities within the digital platform. This system not only secures the digital environment but also builds a foundation of trust and enhances user interactions on multiple levels.

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