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Understanding Haven1

Haven1 is designed using GoQuorum, and leverages the Proof of Authority (PoA) consensus mechanism. This allows a distributed network of nodes to reach an agreement on the ordering of transactions, which ensures fault tolerance in the presence of faulty or malicious nodes.

Haven1 is a fully EVM-compatible Layer 1 that allows existing projects and applications built on Ethereum to be seamlessly integrated.

All transactions (including contract deployments) in Haven1 require accounts to pass the provable identity framework, which means the account will be required to hold an ERC-721 Haven1 ID token. During the testnet phase, this KYC process operates in sandbox mode, which allows anyone to create an NFT using dummy data.

Initiating the Process

To engage with the Haven1 Network, you will need a few key components: a configured wallet for the network, your Haven1 Proof of ID NFT, and testnet H1 Tokens.

The easiest way to get all three is by following these steps:

  1. Begin Your Journey: Visit the Haven1 Testnet Landing page and follow the intuitive guide to get started.

  2. Connect Your Wallet: Link your wallet with the Haven1 Cove Testnet network. This is your first step towards interacting with the network.

  3. Verify Your Identity: Utilize Haven1's robust provable identity framework to securely verify your identity. This step is crucial for ensuring a trusted environment on the network.

  4. Access the Haven1 Faucet: Once you've completed the verification, you'll gain access to the Haven1 Faucet. Here, you can obtain H1 Testnet tokens, your currency for test transactions.

  5. Start Transacting: With these steps completed, you're fully equipped to initiate transactions on the Haven1 Network.

1. Setting up your wallet

To check your wallet balance, you will need the following information:

  • Network name: Haven1 Cove Testnet

  • RPC URL: https://rpc-testnet.haven1.org

  • Chain ID: 810

  • Currency symbol: H1

  • Block explorer: https://explorer.testnet.haven1.org

If you are using Metamask, it should look like this:

2. Getting verified on the Haven1 testnet

In Haven1 all developers, as are users, need to have a Proof of ID NFT to transact on the network. This can be obtained by undergoing verification under our provable identity framework.

For Testnet purposes, you do not have to provide valid identity details for this registration. Your Discord details, street address, and ID document will not be stored on-chain.

Once you have completed this process, your wallet address will be verified and you may begin transacting on the Haven1 network.

3. Request H1 from Faucet

To operate on Haven1 Cove Testnet you will require some testnet H1 Tokens.

Once your wallet is verified, testnet H1 tokens can be obtained directly from the Testnet Faucet.

The testnet H1 tokens will be sent promptly to your wallet. This process allows you to start test transactions immediately, without any delays.

Ready to deploy

Deployment of contracts on the Haven1 network is controlled exclusively by accounts owned by the Haven1 Association. This policy is in place to maintain network-level risk controls and to safeguard against potential risks such as hacks, exploits, and any other forms of malicious activity. Every contract and deployment undergoes a stringent verification process by the Haven1 team to ensure compliance with leading industry standards and protocols.

If you are at this stage and ready to deploy, contact the Haven1 team at [email protected] for assistance and guidance on how to proceed with deploying your contracts on the network.

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