Sample Application - Country ID

The Country ID App is an example application of hPassport, offering a unique approach to regional permissioning

This guide details how to use the app, enabling developers and builders on the Haven1 network to customize user access based on geographical location, thus adhering to local compliance standards.

Ready to explore? Navigate to the Country ID App.

Step 1: Mint an NFT of your countryโ€™s flag

  1. Select your country's flag: Initiate the process by choosing the flag that corresponds to your country of origin, as verified in Haven1โ€™s network.

  2. Minting process: Click the 'Mint' button to mint the NFT of your country's flag. The Provable Identity Framework guarantees that this NFT is exclusively linked to your verified country of origin, ensuring the authenticity of your digital identity.

  3. Country-specific minting: The system is configured to only allow the minting of your own country's flag, maintaining the integrity of the permissioning process and preventing the minting of flags from other countries.

Step 2: View your transaction on Haven1 block explorer

  1. Transaction confirmation: Once you mint your Flag NFT, the transaction is executed on the Haven1 network.

  2. View on block explorer: Access the Haven1 Block Explorer to track the transaction details, including the secure transfer of your Flag NFT to your wallet.

  3. Unique minting feature: Each Flag NFT is a one-time mint, ensuring its uniqueness and prohibiting repeat transactions.

Significance of the country ID app

Global adaptation and cultural alignment

The app aligns user experiences with regional and cultural specifics, enhancing global adaptation.

Enhanced trust with verification

Utilizes NFTs linked to users' countries of origin, bolstering authenticity and transparency.

Market expansion and international engagement

Simplifies entry into new markets and engagement with an international user base through localized features.

Innovation and connectivity

Acts as a transformative tool in the Haven1 ecosystem, fostering global digital connectivity and expanding the scope of digital applications.

The Country ID App is an innovative tool within Haven1's Provable Identity Framework that seamlessly integrates regional permissioning with blockchain technology. By following this guide, users can efficiently mint their country-specific Flag NFT and utilize the Haven1 Block Explorer to verify transactions, thereby ensuring compliance with regional standards and enhancing their digital identity within the Haven1 network.

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