Architecture & key features

Haven1 is an EVM-compatible blockchain that utilizes an extension of GoQuorum, originally developed by JP Morgan and open-sourced by Consensys. The design effectively utilizes Haven1's Proof of Identity Framework alongside Network-level Guardrails, establishing a secure and reliable ecosystem.
This tailored approach enables precise permissioning and robust security measures, reinforcing Haven1's position as a secure and efficient blockchain solution.
  • Client: GoQuorum, a fork of Geth, is specifically tailored for permissioned blockchain needs and is pivotal in the development of the Haven1 blockchain's secure on-chain finance ecosystem. It introduces advanced permissioning features, essential for maintaining security and user verification within the network. These features enable precise control and management of user access and roles, aligning with the robust requirements of traditional finance systems.
  • Consensus Mechanism: Haven1 utilizes the Proof of Authority (PoA) consensus mechanism, specifically the Istanbul Byzantine Fault Tolerance (IBFT). This approach is vital for establishing consensus and validating transactions on the network through a select group of trusted Validators. By adopting IBFT and forgoing the Proof of Work (PoW) model, Haven1 enhances its suitability and efficiency for permissioned networks, offering a more streamlined and secure solution for enterprise blockchain applications.
  • Nodes: Essential for processing and validating transactions, participating in the consensus process with the IBFT mechanism, and executing smart contracts. These roles contribute to maintaining the integrity and reliability of the Haven1 network.
  • Data Flow: In GoQuorum, data flow includes both public and private transactions. However, Haven1 exclusively utilizes the public layer. This layer adheres to the standard Ethereum data flow protocol, where transactions are disseminated across all nodes. Each node processes these transactions, thereby ensuring the maintenance of a consistent and universal state across the network.
  • Network Manager: Controls access to the network and enables a permissioned network creation.
  • Smart Contracts and Apps: Haven1 emphasizes smart contracts for onboarding the next wave of blockchain users, supporting public contracts. The platform enables the creation of efficient, secure Apps that interact with these smart contracts, suitable for a variety of business applications and on-chain finance use cases.
  • Security and Permissioning: Haven1 enhances GoQuorum's security and permissioning features, offering advanced control over network access and actions. This ensures secure and verified management of sensitive transactions and data, with a focus on meeting the stringent requirements of TradFi environments.

Key Features and USPs of Haven1

  • Security Baked into the Protocol: Haven1 integrates security directly into its protocol, ensuring protection for users and their financial activities without imposing unnecessary restrictions.
  • Controlled Deployment of Contracts: Contracts in Haven1 undergo a stringent whitelisting and approval process, involving governance participation and a thorough risk assessment of the Haven1 team, ensuring compliance with specific criteria and industry standards.
  • Network Permissioning and RPC Load Balancing: This feature is instrumental in maintaining network integrity, and flagging anomalies in transaction patterns for further inspection.
  • Identity Verification and Privacy: All users must complete identity verifications, adhering to KYC/AML standards, while ensuring privacy with minimal data storage on-chain.
  • Assurance of Verified Users: Haven1's framework guarantees that all on-chain activities are conducted by verified entities, enhancing trust and minimizing counterparty risk. This verification also streamlines dispute resolution processes and aids in the swift restoration of funds and identities.
  • Regional Permissioning: Developers receive tools for easy regional restriction or enablement, aligning apps with regulatory requirements.
  • Institutional-Grade Custody: Utilizing Fireblocks for ultra-secure wallet management of customer funds.
  • Chainlink’s Proof of Reserves: Ensures 1:1 verifiable asset backing, providing transparency for assets bridged onto Haven1.
  • Established Goals for Dispute Management: Providing certainty for both institutional funds and retail users.
  • Robust Recourse Mechanisms: Legal remedies in place to protect users and investors, with reputable partners of Haven1 actively participating in decision-making.