Sample Application - User type

The User Type App is a sample app built to demonstrate how anonymous data stored on hPassport can be used to personalise the user experience on your application

This guide will help you understand how to utilize the app effectively, enabling developers to craft experiences that cater specifically to the unique needs of each user category.

Step 1: Mint gold tokens

  1. Understanding swap info: Check the right-hand section of the app for details on swap specifics, including your verification level and the exchange rate, which differs between Individual and Institutional accounts.

  2. Swap process: Convert your Silver tokens into Gold Tokens by selecting the amount you wish to swap and confirming the transaction. Note that this is a one-way process, and Gold Tokens cannot be converted back into Silver Tokens.

Step 2: Check your updated balance

  1. Balance update: After the swap, your new Gold token balance will be displayed in the Swap Info section.

  2. Replenishing Silver tokens: If you run out of Silver tokens, return to the Verification Level app to mint more, and then come back to convert them into Gold.

Significance of the user type app

Customized user journeys

Allows developers to create distinct and tailored paths for Individuals and Institutions, enhancing user experience and engagement.

Enhanced engagement strategies

Segment-specific strategies improve user experiences and foster platform loyalty.

Optimized resource allocation

Developers can efficiently allocate resources to features and services most valued by each user group.

Innovative feature development

Encourages the creation of unique features that resonate with the distinct needs of each user type.

Deepened user insights

Offers valuable data on user behavior and preferences, aiding developers in making informed decisions to enhance the appโ€™s offerings.

The User type app in Haven1โ€™s Provable Identity Framework is a dynamic tool that enables developers to create bespoke digital experiences for different user categories. By following this guide, users can effectively mint Gold tokens and navigate the app, leveraging its capabilities to maximize their interaction with the Haven1 ecosystem. This app not only enhances user engagement but also provides a foundation for more targeted and efficient service delivery, aligning perfectly with each userโ€™s specific requirements.

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