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The Haven1 Hub is an essential tool for managing your H1 token holdings. It offers an intuitive dashboard that allows users to review their token balances and engage in staking and vesting functionalities. This guide will walk you through each step to effectively use the Haven1 Hub.

Accessing the Haven1 hub

To access the Haven1 Hub, simply click the wallet button located at the top right corner of the screen. This will take you directly to the comprehensive dashboard, where you can take full control of your H1 tokens.

Managing your tokens

Step 1: Check your token balances

  1. Access the wallet: Click on the 'Wallet' button at the top right of the screen to enter the Haven1 Hub.

  2. View balances: Navigate to the 'Tokens' tab to see a comprehensive overview of your token balances on the Haven1 network.

This interface ensures you stay informed and maintain complete control over your holdings

Step 2: Stake your H1 tokens

  1. Navigate to staking: Select the 'Stake' tab within the Hub.

  2. Customize your stake: Choose the amount of H1 tokens you wish to stake.

  3. Track your stake: Observe your staked tokens under 'My Deposited H1' and monitor the accrual of rewards in 'My Pending Rewards.'

  4. Claim rewards: Claim your rewards, which will be in the form of esH1 – escrowed H1 tokens, at your convenience.

Step 3: Vest your esH1 yokens

  1. Claiming esH1 rewards: After staking, proceed to claim your esH1 rewards.

  2. Initiate vesting: Go to the 'Vest' tab and start the vesting process.

  3. Understand the process: The vesting takes place over a 365-day period, converting esH1 into fully accessible H1 tokens.

  4. Monitor vesting: Watch your vested tokens in 'Total Vested' and see your claimable H1 token balance increase over time.

Congratulations on successfully navigating the Haven1 Hub! With these steps, you can confidently manage your H1 tokens, leveraging the powerful staking and vesting features of the platform. Explore, experiment, and optimize your token management experience on the Haven1 network. Happy staking and vesting!

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