Introduction to Flexible Staking

Flexible staking on Haven1 allows users to stake their H1 or esH1 tokens (What is esH1?) without having to lock these tokens, providing the freedom to earn rewards while retaining the ability to unstake at any time. This flexibility is ideal for users who seek to participate in the networkโ€™s growth and earn rewards without committing their tokens for a long duration.

How Flexible Staking Works

  1. Staking Process: Users can begin staking by choosing an amount of H1 or esH1 tokens to stake through the Haven1 portal by going here. There is no minimum staking period, offering immediate flexibility.

  2. Earning Rewards: Users can see the APR at any time. Note that this APR is variable per the amount of available rewards and demand from users and may change over time. Staked tokens immediately start earning rewards per this APR. These rewards accrue in real-time and can be tracked directly on the same page. Rewards are earned in esH1 (What is esH1?) tokens

  3. Unstaking and Claiming Rewards: Users can unstake their tokens and claim their accumulated rewards at any time. Claiming rewards doesnโ€™t incur any application fees. Unstaking does incur the 1$ application fee paid in H1 tokens. This process is straightforward and executed through the same interface used for staking.

How to use Flexible Staking

  1. Enter the amount of H1 or esH1 you would like to stake

  2. Review your stake reward and click Stake

  3. Confirm the transaction in MetaMask

  4. Once completed you can see your rewards at the top of the stake page

  5. You can also Claim your rewards at the top of the page

Application Fees

  • Transaction Fees: A nominal fee of $1 worth of H1 is applied for unstaking tokens and claiming rewards. This fee covers the operational costs associated with these transactions on the blockchain.

Benefits of Flexible Staking

  • Accessibility: Flexible staking is designed to be accessible to all users, whether they are seasoned crypto investors or new to the space.

  • No Lock-in Period: Unlike locked staking mechanisms, flexible staking does not require users to commit their tokens for a set period, providing greater control over their investments.

  • Immediate Reward Accumulation: Rewards begin accumulating immediately upon staking, and real-time tracking allows users to see the benefits of their participation without delay.

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