hPassport Case Studies

Case Study 1: Blockchain-Based Tokenized Property Transaction Platform

Background: A platform aimed to facilitate property transactions using blockchain technology, where properties were tokenized as digital assets.

Challenge: The platform required a secure and transparent method to verify property buyers and sellers to prevent fraud and ensure legal compliance in property transactions.


  • Integrated issueIdentity to verify and authenticate the identities of property buyers and sellers, issuing Proof of Identity NFTs upon successful verification.

  • Used smart contracts to handle the transfer of property tokens, ensuring that only verified users could initiate and complete transactions.

  • Leveraged getCountryCode to ensure compliance with regional real estate laws and regulations, adapting the transaction process based on the location of the property and participants.

Outcome: The platform successfully streamlined property transactions, ensuring security, legal compliance, and user authenticity. This approach increased trust in the platform and opened new opportunities for property investment and ownership transfer.

Case Study 2: Implementing Treasury Bills (T-Bills) on Chain

Background: A financial services company sought to issue and trade Treasury Bills (T-Bills) on a blockchain platform to enhance transparency and accessibility.

Challenge: Needed to ensure that only accredited investors could participate in T-Bill transactions, complying with financial regulations.


  • Implemented issueIdentity for investor verification, issuing Proof of Identity NFTs to accredited investors after thorough KYC checks.

  • Designed smart contracts to manage the issuance, trading, and redemption of T-Bills, incorporating checks such as getUserType to ensure participation was limited to verified institutional investors.

  • Applied getCompetencyRating to rate investors based on their transaction history and financial competency, adding an extra layer of trust and risk management.

Outcome: The platform enabled a more efficient and transparent T-Bill market, with enhanced security and regulatory compliance. This innovation attracted a wider range of investors and streamlined the process of investing in government securities.

Case Study 3: Education and Certification Platform

Background: A blockchain platform aimed to offer and verify educational certificates.

Challenge: Needed to ensure that only students who have completed courses could claim certificates and that these certificates were tamper-proof.


  • Implemented issueIdentity for students after verifying their academic credentials.

  • Used smart contracts to issue blockchain-based certificates as NFTs post-course completion, which were linked to the student's verified identity.

  • Applied getBoolAttribute to check if a student had completed necessary courses before issuing certificates.

Outcome: The platform successfully created a tamper-proof, verifiable system for educational credentials, adding value and credibility to the certifications issued.

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