Welcome to Haven1

Say hello to secure on-chain finance
Welcome to the official documentation for Haven1, an EVM-compatible blockchain that addresses the trifecta of challenges facing Web3.
Haven1's mission is to grow an inclusive digital financial ecosystem that drives retail and institutional adoption of Web3 through enhanced security frameworks and network guardrails.

Haven1: The next generation of on-chain finance

DeFi, in its current state, is under intense scrutiny from regulators. Without a reliable way to verify identities, there’s a greater risk of fraud and malicious activities. It also slows down the industry’s development as it doesn’t comply with constantly-evolving regulatory standards.
Haven1, a Layer 1 blockchain incubated by Yield App, addresses these headwinds and paves the way for the next generation of secure financial products on DeFi.
With Haven1, secure on-chain finance is finally within our sights. Its provable identity framework allows for greater trust and accountability in the DeFi ecosystem, which is exactly what the current DeFi industry is missing.
Set to launch in Q2 2024, Haven1 is open to anyone who wants to join the revolution.
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