Dispute resolution mechanism

Understanding the On-Chain Dispute Resolution Process

Haven1 implements a rigorous procedure for addressing disputes and claims arising within the network:
Claim Submission
Initiation: Users start the process by submitting a claim through the Haven1 Association’s Issue Manager.
Information Required: Claimants provide detailed information including contact details, transaction IDs, descriptions of the loss event, and any relevant evidence.
Account Freezing: Upon claim submission, the claimant's account is temporarily frozen, which can be revoked if the claim is withdrawn.
Anomaly Detection: Network-level anomaly detection is employed to identify potential issues.
Process: Conducted by the Haven1 Association in collaboration with external experts.
Task Allocation: Each claim is assigned to a specific investigator for a personalized and accountable approach.
Data Retrieval and Privacy: The investigation involves an in-depth analysis of on-chain data while maintaining user privacy.
Guidelines for Claim Submission
Accuracy and Integrity: Claimants are advised to provide accurate and truthful information to facilitate efficient investigation.
Penalties for Misinformation: Providing false or misleading information can lead to claim rejection and potential penalization.
Requirements for Developers
Webpage Development: Developers need to create a webpage detailing the dispute resolution process, including submission forms and status checking features.
Form Design: The claim submission form should be user-friendly, capturing all necessary details for a comprehensive claim.

Handling Disputes and Recourse Mechanically

This section delves into the mechanical handling of disputes, outlining each step and its significance:
Evidence Review & Validator Voting
Review Process: Following the investigation, all evidence is reviewed by the Validators of the Haven1 Blockchain.
Voting: Validators cast their votes on the dispute outcomes using a secure and confidential dashboard.
Appeal Process
Procedure: Parties aggrieved by the decision can file an appeal through a designated portal, ensuring that each appeal is treated with the same level of scrutiny as the original case.
Final Decision & On-chain Correction
Communication: The final decision is formally communicated to all parties involved.
Implementation: Technical teams execute any necessary on-chain corrections under the supervision of the Haven1 Association
Transparency and Accountability
Public Summaries: Summaries of dispute resolutions are published, maintaining transparency while safeguarding sensitive information.
Independent Audits: Regular audits by independent third parties ensure the integrity of the dispute resolution process.