🔑2FA Set up Guide

This guide details the steps you need to follow to set up and remove 2FA on Haven1 Testnet

How to set up 2FA on Haven1

Setting up 2FA on Haven is a simple process. You will need an OTP app like Google Authenticator (Android or iOS)

  1. Click "Enable"

  2. This will show a QR code that you can scan with Google Authenticator

    1. Alternatively, you can also copy the key manually to input into your authenticator app

  3. After you have scanned or added the code to your authenticator app, click "Continue"

  4. On the next page enter the PIN from your authenticator app

  5. Your wallet will ask you to sign a message which includes your pin

  6. After your transaction is finalized you are all set, you now have added an extra layer of security to your assets on Haven1.

How to disable 2FA

We strongly discourage disabling 2FA

  1. Click "Disable"

  2. You will be required to put in a PIN from your authenticator app

  3. Thats it 2FA is disabled

Lost access to the authenticator app

If you have lost access to the authenticator app please contact support

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