🧊Haven1 block explorer

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The Haven1 Block Explorer is an essential tool for anyone interested in tracking and understanding the activities on the Haven1 blockchain. This guide will help both beginners and experienced cryptocurrency enthusiasts navigate the Block Explorer with ease.

Step 1: Accessing the Haven Block Explorer

  1. Direct access: Visit the Haven1 Block Explorer by typing its URL in your web browser.

  2. Via Haven1 website: Navigate to the Block Explorer through the official Haven1 website.

Step 2: Overview of the homepage

  1. Search bar: Use this to search for specific transactions, wallet addresses, or blocks.

  2. Latest blocks: View recent blocks along with key details like block numbers and transaction counts.

  3. Transaction activity: Check the list of recent transactions, including sender and recipient details.

Step 3: Exploring blocks and transactions

  1. Block details: Click on a block to see its height, timestamp, hash, and included transactions.

  2. Transaction details: Click on a transaction to view information about the sender, receiver, transaction amount, hash, and status.

Step 4: Navigating the menu

  1. Transactions: Access a comprehensive list of transactions on the Haven1 blockchain.

  2. Blocks: View all blocks, with the option to examine each in detail.

  3. Verified contracts: Explore contracts with public source code and compiler settings.

  4. Charts & stats: Analyze various statistics like active accounts and daily transactions.

Step 5: Investigating addresses

  1. Address search: Input or click an address to view its balance and transaction history.

  2. Transaction history: See a detailed list of transactions associated with the address.

Step 6: Exploring contract details

  1. Contract overview: Understand the purpose and functionalities of a specific smart contract.

  2. Contract address: Note the unique deployment address of the contract.

  3. Contract creator: Identify the creator of the contract.

  4. Transaction history: Review transactions related to the contract for additional insights.

  5. Contract code: Examine the source code for transparency and understanding of the contract's logic.

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