🚰Haven1 faucet

The Haven1 Testnet Faucet is your gateway to obtaining testnet $H1 tokens, allowing you to explore the network and experiment with various applications.

Step 1: Accessing the faucet

  1. Wallet Verification: Ensure your wallet is successfully verified within the Haven1 network.

  2. Navigate to the Faucet:

  3. Sign In: Once on the Faucet page, sign in with your credentials.

  4. Initiate Token Request: After signing in, you’re ready to request H1 Testnet Tokens to begin your explorations.

Step 2: Requesting testnet H1 tokens

  1. Enter Wallet Address: Provide the address of your verified wallet in the designated field.

  2. Request Tokens: Click on the 'Request Testnet H1' button.

  3. Receive Tokens: The testnet H1 tokens will be sent promptly to your wallet. This process allows you to start test transactions immediately, without any delays.

Tips for a smooth experience

  • Ensure that your wallet is compatible with the Haven1 Testnet.

  • Keep track of the tokens received for managing your test transactions.

  • Use the received tokens to explore various features and applications on the Haven1 network.

The Haven1 Testnet Faucet is designed to be user-friendly and efficient, providing a straightforward means for users to engage with the Haven1 ecosystem. By following these steps, you can quickly acquire testnet $H1 tokens and start experimenting on the network. Happy exploring!

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