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Explore the Haven1 Reward Hub to understand how to maximize airdrop allocations through engaging activities on our testnet. Discover tasks, earn points, and contribute to blockchain innovation

Introduction to Haven1 Reward Hub

Welcome to the Haven1 Reward Hub, a dedicated platform on our testnet designed to help users understand how they can enhance their airdrop allocation through various activities. This guide outlines the functionalities and benefits of engaging with the Reward Hub.

Understanding XP, LP, and Boosts

Liquidity Points (LP)

  • Definition: Liquidity Points are awarded to users who provide real liquidity on the testnet, particularly through products like ETH liquid staking.

  • Purpose: These points reflect tangible liquidity contributions, playing a critical role in testing and improving the network's financial mechanisms.

Experience Points (XP)

  • Definition: Experience Points are accrued by users for active engagement on the testnet in tasks that typically do not require locking up real capital.

  • Activities: Examples include interacting with different applications, completing user feedback forms, and participating in community challenges.


  • Definition: Boosts are multipliers applied to your XP and LP based on the completion of specific high-value tasks on the testnet. For example, staking a significant amount of ETH for over 30 days may earn a user a boost.

  • Calculations: Boosts are calculated separately and added to your XP and LP before airdrop allocations. For instance, if a user has 100 XP and 1000 LP with a 100% boost, both scores will double to 200 XP and 2000 LP before the airdrop is allocated.

    • Additionally, different boosts add up. For example, if the same user earns another 100% boost, the total boost will be 200%, resulting in 300 XP and 3000 LP.

  • Updates: The functionality to display these scores is under development and will be released in an upcoming update, with updates occurring hourly.

Tasks Lists

Below the introductory section, users will find a list of tasks integral to their interaction with the testnet. Each task in the Reward Hub details the potential XP, LP, or boost impact. Here are some examples of tasks and their rewards:

  • Completing KYC: Earn a set amount of XP

  • Referring a new user who completes KYC: Earn a set amount of XP

  • Setting up 2FA: Gain a set amount of XP for enhancing your account security

  • Participating in ETH liquid staking: Depending on the amount and duration, earn LP and potential boosts.

Important to note

The list of tasks provided in the Reward Hub is not exhaustive. We will continuously update this list with new activities as they become available, ensuring users have the latest opportunities to engage with and benefit from the testnet.

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