Provable identity applications

Haven1’s provable identity framework safeguards against illicit activities by requiring users to verify their identity to execute transactions. All Haven1 users will be required to complete identity verification before executing on-chain transactions. After completing identity verification they are minted a non-transferable Proof of ID NFT, composed of a number of non-identifying traits. To ensure user privacy, only the result (confirmation) of the identity verification and the user’s country ID will be stored on-chain.

Benefits of on-chain identity verification

Flexible access management
Allows for dynamic control over access to specific content, services, or features, tailored to the unique traits of each user.
Enhanced decurity
It leverages verifiable identities to guarantee that all on-chain activities are compliant and executed by authenticated individuals, ensuring a higher standard of security.
Dispute resolution
Facilitates efficient resolution of disputes and supports the restoration of funds and identities in cases of misconduct or errors, enhancing trust and reliability in the system.

Discover the power of Haven1's provable identity framework

Regional permissioning with country ID
Feature overview:
  • Proof of identity NFT: Securely verifies user identity, assigning a country of origin for the user reflected in the Proof of ID NFT.
  • Developer integration: A single line of code enables developers to tailor app access based on regional requirements, restricting or allowing users based on their country ID.
  • Value proposition: Streamlines regulatory adherence for developers, ensuring apps meet local compliance standards with precision and ease.
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Composable verification level
  • Layered user verification: Discover a comprehensive verification system. Users are assigned Levels 1, 2, or 3, reflecting the extent of information provided, allowing for a more secure and trustworthy digital environment.
  • Explore user trust: Tailor app functionalities with nuanced access levels, enhancing user trust and information security.
Flexible access by user type
  • Diverse user registration: Whether as an Individual or an Institution, users can choose the account type that best fits their needs.
  • Customized app permissions: This categorization empowers developers to offer bespoke experiences and functionalities, catering to the unique needs of each user category.
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