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Haven1 Shared Wallet, a fork of the renowned Gnosis Safe, is tailored for enhanced security in managing crypto assets on the Haven1 platform. It embodies a multi-signature wallet system, offering a perfect blend of security and flexibility for both individual users and teams.

Understanding Multi-Signature Framework

Streamlined Multi-Signature security

The Haven1 Shared Wallet employs a multi-signature security model, necessitating approvals from several owners for each transaction. This multi-approval system substantially boosts digital asset security, effectively reducing unauthorized access and fraud risks.

Collaborative security approach

This approach promotes collective decision-making among owners, increasing accountability in managing assets. The implementation of this security model underscores Haven1's dedication to providing a secure environment for cryptocurrency management.

Step1: Setting up your Haven1 Shared Wallet

  1. Access Haven1 Shared Wallet: Visit the Haven1 Shared Wallet dapp.

  2. Create a new Shared Wallet: Opt to set up a new wallet, assigning it a unique name for identification.

  3. Configure owners and confirmations: Choose the wallet's owners and define the required number of confirmations for a transaction, based on your security needs and team dynamics.

  4. Complete Setup: Carefully review all details and complete the setup. Remember, you can adjust these settings later as needed.

Step 2: Executing transactions with Haven1 Shared Wallet

  1. Start a transaction: From the dashboard, initiate a new transaction, be it a funds transfer, contract interaction, or another blockchain operation.

  2. Fill in transaction details: Specify details like the recipient's address, amount, and any other pertinent information.

  3. Submit for confirmation: After filling in the details, submit the transaction for approval, adding it to the transaction queue.

Multi-Signature confirmation process

  1. Wait for approvals: The transaction awaits the pre-set number of approvals from the designated owners.

  2. Independent review and approval: Each owner reviews the transaction independently and approves or rejects it.

  3. Transaction execution: The transaction is executed once it receives the necessary approvals.

Viewing transaction history

Access a detailed view of all past transactions, including pending and executed ones, to maintain transparency and facilitate auditing within your team or organization.

Adding and managing Shared Wallet owners

  1. Access wallet settings: Navigate to your wallet's settings.

  2. Modify owners: Add new owners or remove existing ones. Note that each change is a transaction itself and requires approval.

  3. Adjust confirmation Threshold: Change the number of confirmations required for future transactions.

Benefits of using Haven1 Shared Wallet

Enhanced security

The multi-signature system significantly improves the security of asset management.


Customize the wallet settings to align with your or your team's security requirements.


Complete visibility of all transactions ensures accountability and facilitates auditing.

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