👮Haven1 Network Guardians

Haven1 is working with the best security companies and products in Web3 space to ensure users never lose a penny on Haven1 network

Haven1 places a strong emphasis on continuous monitoring and real-time detection of potential security threats. This proactive approach is crucial in identifying and mitigating risks promptly.

  1. Transaction Analysis: Monitoring all network transactions for signs of malicious activity like double-spending or high gas fees.

  2. Smart Contract Monitoring: Vigilant observation of smart contract interactions to identify vulnerabilities like reentrancy attacks.

  3. Price Manipulation Surveillance: Overseeing potential manipulation within DEXs or oracle services to maintain asset pricing integrity.

  4. Flash-Loan Attack Prevention: Detecting large-scale, rapid transactions to prevent market manipulation.

  5. Event and Call Trace Analysis: Analyzing smart contract-generated events and call traces to identify irregularities or malicious activities.

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